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The Quantum Pint Glass: Part 2 (of 2)

Title: The Quantum Pint Glass: Part 2
Photographer/recorder of events: pixiequeen10thk
Rating: NC-17 for bad language and sexual content
Pairing: the boys, non-explicit (i.e. no kissing etc) almost canon-AU McKeller mentioned
Warnings: I’m doing this in the notes at the end of the comic as the warnings are super spoilery to the plot. There’s nothing in here that should be especially triggery, so it may only be necessary to scroll to the bottom and check this section if you’re especially worried about something.
Summary: The boys have finally made their way home. But what of their journey? What of all those alternate realities they had to pass through?
Notes: This episode takes place after The Quantum Pint Glass: Part 1. Given the ridiculously long gap between comics you might want to refresh your memory. Please see the notes at the end for an apology/explanation said ridiculous delay. A list of previous episodes can be found HERE. This one is dedicated to taste_is_sweet (see notes at the end for why :) and for the credit she richly deserves). Just in case there's any confusion, the John and Rodney from my little verse are the ones in the offworld gear. Cyan coloured speech bubbles indicate conversation taking place in the background

Additional Notes:
So why has it taken me almost 2 years to complete this story? Well there have been oh so many reasons. Firstly, as I mentioned in a post, I really was waiting for the release of something. I was going to use an upcoming action figure for one of the many customs included in this episode. There were delays and then there was the cancellation of the damn thing. So after waiting so long I had to go back to the drawing board. Then of course there was making the customs themselves. I have to point out that most of the customs were created for a purpose other than this comic. They nevertheless had to be completed before I could use them. And that took a heck of a lot longer than I expected. Add into the mix some very poor health (thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious so not to worry ;)), moving house and my current pregnancy (morning sickness, exhaustion and aches and pains have all taken their toll!) nd perhaps you can begin to see why it’s taken me so darn long to get this thing made and out there. Nevertheless I do feel the need to apologise for keeping you all hanging so long. Yes I am aware that most of you will have completely forgotten about these silly things in the interim, but still, sorry!

Why is this piece of whacky silliness dedicated to taste_is_sweet? Well apart from her general awesomeness and wonderful support, she kindly let me (read happily encouraged me to) use not only the customs I made for her, but also delve into the incredible Centaur!John universe she created in Human Enough. If you haven’t read it yet then you really must as it’s such a beautiful story! On top of all that she wrote some hilarious dialogue during some correspondence for the custom figures. It was so funny that I asked her if I could stealadapt some it for use in the comic and she kindly obliged. If you’re reading this taste_is_sweet, then it bears repeating… YOU ARE AWESOME.

WARNINGS: This episode contains AU mpreg, mention of AU orgy (completely McShep. It will make sense when you see it!).


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May. 11th, 2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
Such an incredible amount of work and so very amusing! :-D
May. 18th, 2012 07:06 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the delay replying, it's been a busy week. I'm really glad you enjoyed all the silliness! Thanks for commenting
May. 11th, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
Oh my Gosh, so awesome! I adore all the custom figures you made - they look beyond great! Now I want one of each! ;)
May. 18th, 2012 07:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! It took a lot of blood sweat and tears to get those customs to work so I'm really glad to hear they work well in the comic :). And what a huge compliment! I really wish I could oblige you with a custom or two, but sadly all my custom work is on the back burner (chemicals not good for the baby :S) and I have rather a large backlog to deal with when I can. One of these days I'll many Johns and Rodneys and offer them on here :).
May. 11th, 2012 09:33 pm (UTC)



May. 18th, 2012 07:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
May. 12th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
All of those different realities were a scream. I sorta kinda liked the one with 3 Johns best. No, wait, it was Centaur-John. ::flails about then stares at you:: Now see what you've done. You've made me insatiable about even kinkier McSheps (lol).
May. 18th, 2012 07:12 pm (UTC)
Hee hee, glad to be of service! Thank you for your lovely comment :)
May. 12th, 2012 09:10 am (UTC)
*lol* I love all their "mission reports" and I really love that Rodney always wants to give TMI. *g*
May. 18th, 2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
Hee hee. I always loved his totally inappropriate comments and just knew it would extend to his relationship with John given that they can be open in verse. Thanks for the lovely comment :)
May. 12th, 2012 01:36 pm (UTC)
WOW! This is incredible - so much detail, no wonder it took you ages - kudos for the perseverance. *g* Some great snarky lines there and ALL the tropes - well done!
May. 18th, 2012 07:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm so glad it all eventually came together and that you enjoyed what I've done with it :)
May. 13th, 2012 09:19 am (UTC)
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am deliriously happy that you have made another of these comics - I ADORE THEM! I always hoped that another one would appear... and now it did. I love the AUs - especially the centaur one... and the multiple John one and our own one - the one where Jennifer is made to see that she is wrong for Rodney and McShep happens...! Did you make the Vegasverse ones? I loved it - thank you sooooo much! May there be many more...!
May. 18th, 2012 07:27 pm (UTC)
You make me majorly squee right back at you ;). I was a little worried that everyone would have completely have forgotten about/ceased to care about these comics so it makes me immeasurably happy to hear that folks still want to see these stories. I'm glad you enjoyed all the AUs. I had a lot of fun coming up with them and figuring out how to use the canon ones in mcsheppy ways ;). I did make the Vegasverse figures. I think it was Vegas!Rodney that caused all that trouble with the figure delays. Thankfully I managed to find a body that would work almost as well given some sculpting to bulk it out. The original had the most silly skinny legs!

Re more comics, I certainly hope so. I have many ideas and many half made customs. Unfortunately it may be some time yet again until I get another story out there as I'm expecting a baby in just under 2 months time and there's a lot to do before it arrives and no doubt a heck of a lot more once it's here :S. I will try and make sure the gap between comics isn't quite so bad next time though maybe with a few shorter less crazily ambitious projects to keep the momentum going :).

Sorry for rambling! And thanks again!
May. 18th, 2012 08:11 pm (UTC)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for the baby! Well done and good luck for the birth. My daughter is now two and a half and I wrote a few pregnancy ficlets, finished off by a rendition of birth which is kind of the way I remember it! Please, ramble away and enjoy your freedom! Are you going on a babymoon? We did - it was lovely! I thought I would have loads of time for writing while I was on mat leave, but... yeah... baby kind of takes over your life! Good luck!
May. 23rd, 2012 02:53 pm (UTC)
Sorry I meant to reply sooner but the baby is already taking over my life! I'm desperately trying to paint the nursery and as usual I was over ambitious. One colour would have done, but instead I decide to go for a room sized mural :S. Thank you! It's all rather exciting if also rather daunting! I had all sorts of crazy plans to get stuff done during my pregnancy, but it's all been so much more tiring than I expected (not to mention the 3 months of morning sickness and hormone induced sinus headaches :S). Well done on getting even some ficlets out. I may well have already read them since I love mpreg... ooh no I just realised I haven't! Bookmarking them for leisurely perusal during my brakes from painting.

We already had a babymoon of sorts. The geeks that we were, we went to a Game of Thrones convention :). It was a lot of fun, but maybe not quite so relaxing, so we're taking another short break at the beginning of June. We're just headed to the coast for a long weekend, but it'll be nice to get away from all the stresses of getting ready for the baby coming and will hopefully keep my hubby away from anything work related!
May. 14th, 2012 09:40 am (UTC)
Wow wow wow, this is AWESOME!
May. 18th, 2012 07:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!
May. 14th, 2012 12:00 pm (UTC)
This is really great! So much detail to pore over and enjoy. Thanks for posting!
May. 18th, 2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
Really glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know :)
May. 15th, 2012 07:46 pm (UTC)
Wow what a lot of work! You really put everything in this, did you? Even the centaur LOL

At first I was doing a double take at the pregnant Rodney. I guess you used Milliput for that? It looks so real! And inquiring minds want to know how you did the Stripper John LOL Which figure is this? I once used Angel and Spike figures but their chests are different. Did you put John's head on this? Because I don't see any joint actually? Or does this guy just look like John?

I love the money in the pants! Your attention to detail is always wonderful.

I'm not sure if you had seen my recent customs? Carole and John Barrowman: http://dieastra.livejournal.com/41677.html

Carole saw them on Twitter, and I showed the figures to John at the weekend at the convention in Peterborough. He said "Amazing" and really loved it. I also gave him a picture album with the two "Hollow Earth" stories. I took quite some time talking with him!

For my pictures with him I also got to grab his bum LOL Will post the picture tomorrow.
May. 18th, 2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
Yes in hindsight I was waaaaaay too ambitious, but I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

Ah yes pregnant Rodney. He was a mixture of real sculpting and computer jiggery pokery. I certainly could have made the custom as a permanent figure, but I decided to go for the cheaper option. At the time I was using a 2 part apoxie, since I'd already bought it for the centaur. If I had to do it all again I'd more likely use sculpey as it's much easier to manipulate. I then painted and bluetacked the tummy onto the figure. It fit pretty well, but unsurpringly you could still see the join so I used some basic cloning in photoshop to erase it.

Stripper!John was actually and almost finished fairy!John that I made for taste_is_sweet. I added the background (all but the stage) and the dollar bills afterwards in photoshop thus hiding the wings and antenae. The body I ended up using was a topless Jacob from twilight. It required a LOT of work though. The body was too built up for John so it required both filling in and sanding. This was made especially difficult since the darn torso was rubbery and hollow. I filled it with apoxie to solve the problem. There was a lot of sanding and sculpting involved in changing the jeans into leggings too. I also replaced the shoes with bare feet from a Gladiator figure I fortuitously found in a local pound shop. The head is fully sculpted onto the body since taste_is_sweet wasn't fussed about articulation (the body itself didn't have any anyway). Oh and the hair was totally resculpted since she wanted a longer floppier hairdo.

I don't think I have looked at those yet. Sorry it's been incredibly busy here preparing for the baby. I'll take a look when I can. So awesome that they both appreciated the figures and that you got to chat with John so long. I'd love to show David and Joe my Vegas figures though I do so hope they never come across these comics as I'd die of embarassment!
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